Family Lawyers in TorontoA Family Lawyer Helps You Move Forward

Along with the emotional stress that comes with the end of your relationship, you are now faced with trying to navigate through the intimidating legal aspects of separation and divorce, sort out new living arrangements, and make financial… continue reading »

Ontario divorce lawyersEnsure Your Kid’s Needs Come First

When kids are involved in a separation or divorce there are many areas of concern, and deciding on parenting arrangements are not easy.  There are many legal rights and obligations with regard to your kids – custody, parenting access and schedules, and child support… continue reading »

divorce lawyer TorontoProtect Your Financial Future

Second only to protecting the best interests of the kids during a separation or divorce, working out financial issues fairly and quickly is often a major concern. Going through a separation or divorce is stressful, but the problem of dividing shared property, working out shared liability, and finding solutions to ongoing financial issues like child or spousal support can lead to… continue reading »

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